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Welcome to the website of the Asexual Association Denmark.

The association was founded in Copenhagen on 2 April 2016. Prior to that, there had been regular meetups in the Copenhagen area for several years, usually organised through AVEN’s forums. On 10-12 July 2015 we arranged an international meetup in Copenhagen, with participants from Norway and Sweden.

The purpose of the association is to increase knowledge about asexuality in Denmark and to support and strengthen the asexual community. We still use AVEN’s forums for organising meetups.

If you’re visiting Copenhagen and want to meet some of us, check out AVEN’s Meetup Mart and see if we have any upcoming meetups. Or you can post your preferred date(s) and make a meetup! There’ll probably be someone to join you.

You can get in touch with us on AVEN: if you post in the thread Hej danskere (requires login), you’ll reach most of the Danish community (it’s perfectly ok to write in English in the thread). Or you can send an email to info (at) aseksuelle (dot) dk if you want to contact the association directly.

1 Comment on “In English

  1. Hi there,

    I’m a 40 years old woman, I moved to Denmark 2 years ago from Hungary.
    I read your article in the Sondagsavisen, that is how I found this website.
    It was releasing to read about this. I have started to think about myself that I must be a psychopath or an alien or at least not normal. I’m totally fed up with it that it seems the whole world around me is about sexualism. Like it would be the only final gauge of happiness.
    So, thank you again and don’t give up this work!

    Best regards,